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Newburgh Heights Fire Department has had
Emergency calls for 2015
4071 East 49th Street
Newburgh Heights, Ohio
Phone: (216) 641-2134
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Please turn in applications and
resume to Village hall located at
4000 washington park blvd,
Newburgh Hts OH, 44015
The LUCAS™ Chest Compression System assists first responders and
paramedics by providing effective and uninterrupted chest compressions on
sudden cardiac arrest patients.  With automated CPR the fatigue, individual
variations or psychological factors are removed from CPR and there is no longer
a need for shifting CPR providers every two minutes. Rescuers are  freed up to
focus on other critical life-saving tasks, such as ventilation, medication and
defibrillation, which leads to an increased focus on cardiac arrest management

Keep your personnel safe during CPR

LUCAS™ facilitates the transportation of cardiac arrest patients with ongoing
compressions, not only from the scene to the ambulance, but also inside a fast-
moving ambulance. It is well established that effective CPR is very difficult to
achieve manually in these situations (1).

In addition, rescuers will no longer have to compromise their own safety by
providing compression during transportation. With LUCAS™ consistently
performing the compressions, rescuers are still able to sit firmly, belted and
watching over the patient

The Newburgh Heights Fire Department received new Equipment
to Help Saves Lifes.
we are proud to Introuduce the LUCUS 2 Device.